Detailed Experience Summary: 

Educational Degrees

  • Mechanical Engineering(BS) - 1965                  

                   University of Wisconsin (MS)

  • Mechanical Engineering(MS) - 1971

                   U.S. Naval Post Graduate School (MS)

  • Financial Management(MS) - 1972

                   U.S. Naval Post Graduate School (MS)

Professional Licensing:

  • Professional Engineering (PE) License (Current)        

                   Mechanical Engineering, State of California

Patents: Developer and holder of patents on the following: 

  • Elevating Trolley Girder Ship-to-Shore Crane
  • Ship-to-Shore Crane High Speed Trolley Stabilizer System
  • Ship-to-Shore Crane Automatic Robotics System


  • 20 years as an officer in the United States Navy, over half of which was sea duty. Deployed on several vessels which saw action during the Viet Nam war. Attained the rank of Commander.
  • 17 years as Director of Engineering and Maintenance Virginia International Terminals, operator for 3 cargo and container terminals for the Port of Virginia. Experience encompassed planning of port facilities, construction of large structures, specification and design of container and cargo equipment, maintenance of over 750 materials handling equipments, and the management of 200+ maintenance employees, supervisors and engineers.
  • 10 years as a consultant to port managers and executives in the US and around the world on crane design, operation, and manufacture; sales and business development agent for the largest crane manufacturing company in the industry; expert witness for multiple accident and injury cases in the port industry.

Litigation Experience 

  • Expert witness in an arbitration involving a dispute regarding the delivery and operation of automated container handling cranes. (Hong Kong International Terminals)
  • Expert witness in a patent dispute between crane spreader manufacturers.
  • Testified as a witness in a suit involving the damage resulting from a container crane head block and spreader disconnection during movement of a container in a dockside operation.
  • Expert witness a suit involving a longshoreman injured by crane component.
  • Expert Witness in a case between a Port Authority and a crane manufacturer involving damage as a result of component failure on a container crane.
  • Expert witness in a case between an owner of a rail mounted gantry crane and an operating company who failed to properly secure the crane for high winds.
  • Expert Witness in a case between a port stevedore and a truck driver who claimed he had been injured by a container falling on his chassis.
  • Expert Witness involving an insurance claim for destruction of a crane due to high winds.
  • Gave depositions, in addition to inspections and reports, on several of the above cases.
  • Gave trial testimony in the Federal District Court, Baltimore Maryland in December 2013 on the crane accident involving high winds.


  • Written numerous professional and technical articles published in the following magazines and journals:

                World Wide Shipping               
                Cargo Systems               
                Port Development               
                Port Technology               
                Ports and Harbors

  • Speaker at various port conferences in the USA and abroad during the past 30 years.