What I Can Do for You as an Expert Witness

I have been working in the port and terminal industry for over 30 years and as an expert witness for more than 20 years. I have what can be considered a rare, in-depth understanding of heavy equipment, from the design as well as the operational standpoint, and its interface with terminal operations and container and cargo handling. As such I can  be intimidating to opposing counsel. I will be intimately familiar with the facts of the case and will use my experience and speaking ability, to teach, and persuade a judge or a jury that can increase the settlement value. I am familiar with opposing counsel’s tactics and will, through my hard work researching the background of the case, cause problems for the opposition and maximum benefit to whichever side that I work with.


Preparation is Critical

My standard is to prepare long and hard, knowing the case thoroughly, not just in one particular expert area. This will include extensive research, site visits, expert reports and discussions with counsel. I would also expect to do mock examinations and cross examinations with counsel preparing for deposition testimony and trial.


Some Facts About My Work

  • Served as expert witness in 8 cases over the last 10 years
  • The attorneys I’ve worked with have been successful in every case
  • I’ve given several depositions and testimony in trial
  • I’ve worked with attorneys in cases involving both plaintiffs and defendants
  • I must believe in the case; I’m selective in my agreements to work